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Dear restaurateur, Apologies for using your feedback form to message you. When restaurants are able to open again there will be a lot of immediate costs to restaurateurs. We want to remove one of these costs. To this end we are giving away 1000 music licences and making available 100 albums of music to go with each of these licences, all completely free of charge. You will be pleased to know, one of these albums contains one and a half hours of easy listening, traditional Chinese music. This is a genuine offer. No small print or hidden agenda. These licences and music are completely free. We would like to offer you one of these free licences along with 100 albums. The licence will be dated to run from the day the government allows restaurants to re-open. Or if your current licence hasn’t yet expired at that time, it will be dated to run from it’s expiry date for smooth continuity. If you would like to accept this offer please register your details HERE and we will do the rest. If you do not want to accept this offer, please let us know so we can offer it to another restaurant and also so we don’t continue to bother you. Kind Regards Simon Boardman Director Sibee Ltd Tel: 020 3286 6258 Sibee have been offering a great value alternative to PPL PRS licencing for over 12 years, providing music and licences for public performance to restaurants throughout the UK.

Simon Boardman-2020-05-19 14:43:47

This was not Moon Lee's food. As you have not been open for the last few weeks can only assume you have leased the restaurant to somebody far inferior but letting them use the Moon Lee name. Disgraceful

Rob-2020-05-01 19:50:33

Had a takeaway, duck over cooked and unable to even chew, smoked chicken very very dry and lacked flavour, again with sweet and sour chicken very dry with very little sauce. Satay chicken good but will definitely no be using this restaurant again!

Dave-2018-12-23 10:02:53

choi mein was dry and chips were hard it was absolute shit !! if they had served me this in the resturant I would of told them to take it away and change it ...alwful ! waste of £20 !! won't be ordering from there again ! EVER !!!!!!

richard-2018-02-03 19:52:40

Would definitely order again!




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